Thursday, September 13, 2012

Opening of the Courts 2012

Ontario Court of Appeal - Toronto, Ontario
I attended this year's Opening of the Courts ceremony in Toronto, Ontario. It was a good opportunity to network and expand my understanding of issues in the Canadian legal system.

Some sound bites:
  • collective responsibility to uphold the rule of law
  • a call for increased access to justice
  • simplify court procedures
  • area of greatest need
  • timely manner
  • front end services
  • supporting families in crisis
  • informed choices
  • facilitating resolutions in family matters 
  • renewed focus on child protection and high conflict matters
  • systemic problems beyond our control
  • tighter timelines
  • continued and enhanced collaboration
  • accessible justice in the North
  • roots of needless violence among youth
  • funding for coordinated intervention system
  • meaningful sustainable change
  • power flows from the people
  • due process and equality before the law
  • framework for peacefully and fairly settling disputes
  • respect for the rule of law
  • promote integrity and efficiency
  • responsive to needs

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